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A polished, intuitive and easy way to manage everything Minecraft. JustLauncher is just better.

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Play Minecraft with ease

Don't waste any more time managing your game files.

Familiar and intuitive interface

Don't be stuck searching for a button, it's right there!

Tired of dragging mod files between version folders?

Well, good news! JustLauncher will do it for you.

Install popular modpacks in just one click

Play only on the best modpacks from the most popular websites.


Advanced settings

Use all the features of Minecraft.



Frequently asked questions

Is it free?

Yes! JustLauncher is completely free. All you need to do is install it, create an account with any nickname, and click the play button. It's that simple.

Download JustLauncher

Will I be able to install Forge and Fabric mods?

Of course! We provide ready-to-use installations for Forge, Fabric, and OptiFine. You can add your own mods by dragging and dropping them into JustLauncher, or use the built-in mod search for automatic installation and configuration.

You can also download mod packs created by other players. In that case, you just need to install the modpack, and it will be ready to play without needing any additional configuration.

If something breaks, will you help me?

Yes. Join our Discord server, where we or other community members can try to help you with any question you might have. Or contact us directly through the Help Center page:

Will I be called a pirate?

JustLauncher does allow you to try Minecraft without purchasing the game.

But if you enjoy playing Minecraft and have spent hundreds of hours of your life doing so, why not fully enjoy the game and buy it? You won't need to install anything else, as JustLauncher also supports official Microsoft and Mojang accounts. 😉

Is JustLauncher safe to use?

Yep. JustLauncher doesn't require an internet connection, doesn't encrypt your files, and doesn't mine cryptocurrency.

I have some other question...

Visit our Help Center to find more detailed answers to other popular questions:

Help Center

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JustLauncher is under active development

But you can already try out the very first versions of the launcher!